Welcome to Oledanick

The world is made up of lots of faces.

Some of those faces you recognize. Some you are attracted to. Some are simply nice to look at; and some are lovelier still.

Have you ever looked at a face you didn’t recognize, but that tweensy feeling in the pit of your stomach hovered around whether or not it belonged?

It’s true, you know. Sometimes your instincts are just right and that one face, a face in the crowd or a classroom, a face in the darkness or in the brightest of lights is a face that’s in the wrong place or space in time. You can feel it. You just know it.

Maybe it’s your face.

And if it is your face, well, old friend, the chances are that you belong somewhere else. That you were sent here from another place, another world, and one day you will go back there.

But not yet, you see.

Not until time over there can speed up to where it’s supposed to be.

Because right now … right now, Oledanik is frozen. In time.